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Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display(AMEPD) HAT For Raspberry Pi - Launched!

 SB Components recently launched an amazing E-paper Display HAT for Raspberry Pi which is available in two different sizes 1.54" and 2.7" E Paper Display HAT with color option available.

The Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AMEPD) or e-paper display comes with two screen sizes 1.54 and 2.7-inch with 200x200 resolution and 264*176 resolution, respectively, with an SPI interface. The 1.54 and 2.7-inch e-paper HAT is available in two colours and may show black-and-white or black-white-red images. Your image will last indefinitely without power, so show it and then switch off the power. After they've been updated, these e-paper display modules don't require any power, and they may even be shut off completely, with the content remaining on the screen indefinitely. These e-ink screens are perfect for gadgets that are powered by solar or batteries.

Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display(AMEPD) HAT For Raspberry Pi - Launched!

In terms of optical performance, black and white ePaper display modules with E Ink see a 30% increase in the contrast ratio of black and white content, providing readers with clearer text content. Providing an enhanced display for color eBook and eTextbook content.

What is E Ink display technology, and how does it work?

"Reflective displays" are the term used to describe E Ink displays. Light from a backlight is projected through the display into your eyes in an LCD, or "emissive display." There is no backlight in an E Ink display; instead, ambient light from the surroundings is reflected off the display's surface back to your eyes.

What is the composition of E Ink?

Millions of microscopic microcapsules, each roughly the diameter of a human hair, make up E Ink's two-pigment electronic ink technology. Negatively charged white particles and positively charged black particles are suspended in a transparent solution in each microcapsule.

Source Kickstarter

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