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Capture local Real-Time Air Quality Data with Raspberry Pi Pico

With your Raspberry Pi Pico, you can collect local air quality data in real time.

After the huge success of the Air Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi, SB Components developed the Pico-based air monitoring series Pico Air Monitoring Expansion Board and Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion. 

Capture local Real-Time Air Quality Data with Raspberry Pi Pico

Pico Air Monitoring Expansion is a free and open-source portable sensor that can measure the number of suspended particles as well as their mass. Pico Expansion uses a high-tech Digital Laser Dust Sensor, PMSA003, with on-board OLED to deliver information on suspended particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10) in the air per unit volume through digital output at a 5V working voltage.

Pico Air WiFi Monitoring Expansion is a Pico Air Monitoring Expansion with inbuilt components such as the ESP8266 and Bosch BME280. It is designed to allow users to submit air quality data over the internet using the ESP8266. The Bosch BME280 integrated environmental sensor has an inbuilt humidity sensor with low current consumption (3.6A at 1Hz), long-term stability, and excellent EMC resilience.

What makes PM levels so important to us?

“Why should I care about PM levels?” is one of the things that individuals could raise. It is a legitimate concern. Sulfate, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mineral dust, and water are some of the primary components of PM, or particulate matter. Particulate matter is a combination or blend of suspended particles, such as organic and inorganic materials, that is harmful to the health of living beings.”

SourcePico Air Monitoring Expansion - Kickstarter

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