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Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi Devices in Easy Installation Guide

 Raspberry Pi is frequently connected with Linux operating systems like Raspberry Pi OS. But what if you wanted to use your Raspberry Pi to run Microsoft's operating system? Officially, Windows 10 IoT Core is Microsoft's only operating system for the Pi, but it's not a true operating system; it's just a way to make an appliance with the Pi. Ambitious Raspberry Pi developers are always working on a method to run a complete desktop version of Windows on the Raspberry Pi.

Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi Devices in Easy Installation Guide

Everyone tried Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 4 and found it to work well, albeit slowly. We revisited Windows on Raspberry Pi with the recent release of Windows 11, and due to a new ARM64 Insiders Preview image, we'll show you how to install Windows 11 on your Raspberry Pi 4.

PiRelay 8 relay board for Raspberry pi

Please keep in mind that this is not an official Microsoft product, and the pictures and software utilised were sourced from a dedicated and active community that collaborated to develop this project. The Windows 11 image file is simple to find, but we must follow a procedure to generate a legitimate image that can be utilised with our Raspberry Pi.

To install Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4, you'll need the following items.

  • 4GB or 8GB Raspberry Pi 4
  • Using a USB 3 caddy, connect a 32GB or bigger SSD. Best for performance is a microSD card with a capacity of 16GB or more (see best microSD cards for Raspberry Pi)
  • USB booting is enabled, as shown below.
  • A micro SD card having the most recent version of the Raspberry Pi OS
  • PC with Windows 10
  • Dongle that converts USB to Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Dongle for Bluetooth (if you want Bluetooth)
  • For your Raspberry Pi, you'll need a keyboard, a mouse, HDMI, and electricity.
Check Full Installation Guide
: How to Install Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4

What is the performance of Windows 11 on the Raspberry Pi?

Overall, it performed admirably, far better than our 2020 Windows 10 installation. The boot time was acceptable, slightly longer than the Raspberry Pi OS, but not by much. In everyday use, it feels more like an Intel N4100 Celeron.

The general experience of Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi was responsive after the desktop was launched. Moving windows about the screen worked smoothly, and Windows 11 responded to our input with minimum latency. The Microsoft Edge web browser offered a pleasant surfing experience.

Due to the lack of a hardware graphics driver, heavy websites like YouTube were problematic, causing our CPU to work harder to produce each image. 480p videos were smooth, while 720p videos were acceptable. Going fullscreen resulted in a significant delay as well as a number of lost frames. We didn't try 1080p because it's more likely to be a slideshow.

We conducted a quick test to see if apps could be installed. First, we downloaded the Arduino IDE from the Microsoft Store, which went well but took a long time.

PiRelay 8

This was perplexing. The Arduino IDE was then installed using a standard x86.exe file, and we were pleasantly pleased to see the software install and launch. However, the COM port issue persisted, and we were unable to operate our Uno with the Arduino IDE.

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