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PiRelay 6 Added on PiRelay 8 Kickstarter Campaign Live till 30th July, 2021

 PiRelay 8 recently launched made a new hike with more than 700% funded in few days on Kickstarter and going-on. Manufacturer SB Components launched a amazing 28$ Relay board of 8 channel with cool touchscreen display on top with photo-coupling isolation between the relays and a 5V/2A micro-USB port for powering the add-on and the Raspberry Pi.

PiRelay 6 | 6 Channel Relay board for Pi

Recently SB Components announced and update on PiRelay 8 Kickstarter Campaign, 6 Channel Relay board "PiRelay 6" added on their campaign now you can buy along with PiRelay 8 and add PiRelay 6 as Add-on.

PiRelay 6 Overview

PiRelay 6 is 6 channel Relay Board for Raspberry Pi that can control 6 devices with load of 250V AC/7 A, 30V DC/10 A, and a trigger voltage of 3.3 V, with 6 powerful high quality relays you can make several possible projects, home automation, make your appliances smarter and much more..

PiRelay 6 for Raspberry Pi

PiRelay 6 Main Highlights

  • 6 High Quality Relays
  • LED’s Indication
  • 40-Pin Stacking Header
  • High Quality Opto-Coupler
  • Relay Selection Jumpers
  • 6-High Quality Relay and loads up to 250V AC/7 A, 30V DC/10 A
  • High Quality Opto-Coupler
  • Standardized Shield Shape and Design
  • LED working status indicator for each relay
  • 40-Pins Stacking header for accessing GPIO of Raspberry Pi
  • Control through PiRelay App
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3,2,Zero

PiRelay 8 Kickstarter campaign is live till 30th July 2021, More detailed information is available on PiRelay Kickstarter Page

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