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GitHub CLI 2.0 Is Now Available, With Extension Support

 Extensions are included in the most recent major release of GitHub's command-line tool. This strong feature extends the capabilities of gh.

GitHub CLI 2.0 Is Now Available, With Extension Support

The GitHub CLI tool extends GitHub's functionality to your terminal. It's become one of the most popular command-line tools for developers all around the world since its introduction in September of last year.

GitHub is back with its second major revision of the GitHub CLI, over a year later. What's new in this version, and why should you be excited? Let's have a look.

Welcome, Extensions

The support for extensions is perhaps the most significant inclusion in this version. Git repositories with a single executable file are known as these extensions. This script extends the CLI's capabilities by allowing you to perform custom commands.

This move should result in a slew of open-source extensions that improve the development experience even more. Don't know where to begin? For you to test out, the GitHub team has compiled a list of extensions. Here are a few prominent examples:

New features

Support for command extensions
GitHub CLI extensions are additional gh commands that you can install from other repositories. For example:

$ gh extension install owner/gh-my-extension

# invoke the new command

$ gh my-extension

Other additions

  • Display label colors in issue list output #4106

  • Add --template helper functions for rendering data into tables #3519

  • Add GH_FORCE_TTY to enable terminal-style output even when redirected #4146

  • Add pr checkout --branch flag to control the branch name #4005

  • Add release create --discussion-category flag #4003

  • Add gh config set browser option and GH_BROWSER environment variable #3992

  • Add gh repo list --topic filter #4136

  • Add PowerShell instructions to completion help #4114


  • Improve accessibility of interactive select menus #4172

  • Improve detection of truecolor terminal capabilities #4106

  • Avoid wrapping issues in powershell.exe #4106

  • Detect missing git and abort early during auth login flow #4109

  • Fix HTTP 502 error printing from GraphQL responses #4154


  • Require Go 1.16+ #4175

  • Remove backwards compatibility with homedir library for config files #4145

The Essential Characteristics Remain

While extensions are entertaining to experiment with, the GitHub CLI's fundamental functionality remains unchanged. Cloning repositories, generating pull requests, and creating gists are all still available from the terminal, so you can manage your GitHub workflow without leaving it.

Right From Your Terminal, Unlock the Power of GitHub

With tools like GitHub CLI, GitHub is making the life of developers simpler. Another fantastic innovation by GitHub this year has been the release of GitHub Copilot. Copilot is a pair programming AI that has the potential to change the way you write code.

Would you want to learn more about this coding AI? Here's a quick rundown of how it works and what you can do with it as a developer.

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