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Raspberry Pi Introduces a New Documentation Hub

 The official documentation for Raspberry Pi computers and microcontrollers

Alasdair Allan, Head of Documentation at Raspberry Pi, says: “The documentation repository itself had been left to grow organically. When arrived, it needed to be restructured, and a great deal of non-Raspberry Pi specific Documentation needed to be removed, while other areas were underserved and needed to be expanded.”

Raspberry Pi Documentation Site

The new documentation design “comes from the same team of folks that built the excellent PDF-based documentation for Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040.” It’d offer more powerful tools going forwards, and a lot more flexibility,”

Raspberry Pi HATs

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi Documentation

The Asciidoc source for the new documentation site is hosted on GitHub and the Documentation site is built and updated automatically using GitHub Actions when someone pushes to the master branch.

Over the years, as the documentation set  has grown, there have been hundreds of community contributors, who have made over 1200 individual pull requests, ranging from fixing small typos to contributing whole new sections. “With the introduction of the new site, Raspberry Pi will continue to take pull requests against the new Asciidoc-based documentation.

New site as a big step towards making our documentation more accessible, and, as ever, they accept pull requests. Take a fresh checkout of the repository.

Raspberry Pi Pico

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