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Read up to 200 Tags Per Second with UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi

 UHF HAT Launched on Kickstarter with Free Delivery Worldwide

UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi is a sophisticated and small "Ultra High Frequency" RFID reader with strong RFID technology designed for a wide range of applications in military, healthcare, banking, and workplaces, among others.

Read up to 200 Tags Per Second with UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi

ThingMagic® M6E Nano UHF RFID Reader, JADAK's smallest embeddable module with ultra-low power consumption and a compact form factor, is built into the UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi. This RFID reader is suited for low-cost, battery-operated portable devices with a tiny form factor.

The Nano has incredible power for its size, with a command adjustable RF output range of 0 dBm to +27 dBm (0.01 dB increments), which is required for OEM read and write standards. It can read 200 tags per second.

UHF HAT Features & Specifications

The Nano comes in a single SKU for worldwide usage and may be set for frequencies in the Americas, European Union (EU), India, Korea, Australia, China, and Japan, among other places. The EPC Gen2V2 and ISO 18000-63 standards are supported.

UHF HAT Applications

  • Inventory management - Create an inventory system by labelling each rack or product, which will aid in inventory tracking.
  • Track Products in Cart - Don't worry if you have numerous items in your cart! The UHF HAT can read many goods at the same time.
  • Smart Invoicing System - Increase the speed of your billing by incorporating the UHF HAT into your billing system.
  • Maintain your library's database and track every book in your property using the Advanced Library System.
  • Develop an attendance system in this "new normal" period to ensure that no one needs to touch the machine to indicate their presence in the premises, for which UHF HAT is the ideal solution.
SB Components began the year 2022 with a series of wonderful items, and now they've released this "Ultra High Frequency HAT for Raspberry Pi," available on Kickstarter with free shipping worldwide with a goal of £10,000.

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