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Raspberry Pi Raspbian Default Username and Password?

How to change your Raspbian password? and What's the default username and password on Raspbian? 

Learn how to change your Raspbian password and what the default username and password are on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi.

What is the Raspberry Pi Raspbian Default Username and Password?

The Raspberry Pi, like many other gadgets, comes with a default password for its operating system, Raspberry Pi OS or Raspbian. And, as you surely well know, using the default password on anything is extremely risky.

Because stock credentials for a variety of devices are readily available online, those with malicious intent will almost definitely attempt them first. We'll show you everything you need to know if you lost your Raspberry Pi's default password or never updated it.

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The Raspbian's Default Username and Password

The default Raspberry Pi login information is as follows, according to RaspberryPi.org: Raspberry is the default password and pi is the default username.

To safeguard your Raspberry Pi from internet dangers, update the default password right away. When you initially boot up Raspberry Pi OS, the Welcome Wizard will ask you to do so, however if you installed the OS recently or skipped updating it, you may still be using the default.

How to change your password on Raspbian

Open a Terminal window once you've logged in. Press Enter after typing the passwd command. You will be asked to confirm your current password by the system. After that, repeat the process twice more, pressing Enter after each entry. You will not see any characters on the screen when typing this password, as is the Linux standard.

If everything went well, you'll get a notice that says "Password changed successfully." This indicates that you're ready to use the new password. Make a mental note of it!

You may use the command sudo passwd [USERNAME] -d to delete the password from an account on your Raspberry Pi as a reference. Keeping a password on all accounts is, of course, a good idea.

With the adduser [USERNAME] command, you may add new users to your Raspberry Pi. For each user, you'll be required to create a password.

Changing the default password is only one of the numerous ways you can make your Raspberry Pi more secure, so check yours now. It's also critical to keep your Raspberry Pi up to date.

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