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Hackster is Staging the Semi-Final China-US Young Maker Competition in the United States in 2021!

Competition for Young Makers in China and the United States in 2021

The top ten winners will move to the international finals! There are over 60 prizes available for participants!

Win prizes worth up to $8,000 or more!

2021 China-US Young Maker Competition

Do you have a suggestion for a more prosperous, effective, and connected future? Hackster is looking for initiatives that concentrate on community building, education, environmental conservation, health & wellness, electricity, transportation, or other fields of sustainable growth from creative US and Chinese designers.

Register 2021 China-US Young Maker Competition

Choose one of the recommended categories to play in, or use your creativity to construct something special with a variety of prizes to be won!
Hackster is Staging the Semi-Final China-US Young Maker Competition in the United States in 2021!

Semi-Finals: This contest accepts projects on every subject and offers over 21 opportunities to win prizes.

  • The Grand Prize winners will also receive a $500 gift card to help them improve their efforts, as well as an invitation to the Finals.
  • By uploading your idea to this site by July 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you will earn an extra 11 chances to win Google prizes!
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Finals: The top ten projects from this program will be invited to compete in the China Ministry of Education's final competition (VIRTUAL), which will take place in mid-August. Finalists have the opportunity to win a grand prize of up to $15,000, three chances at $7,500, or six chances at $5,000!

There are no limitations on hardware or programming.

We suggest that you use open source software such as TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite (for Mobile & IoT), TensorFlow.js (for JavaScript), Edge Impulse for TinyML, EfficientNet-Lite (for image classification) Mobile OS: Android AIY, Coral, Flutter, Angular and Blockly. Projects should align with Google AI Principles. This is the ideal chance to use your creativity to come up with an innovative approach to a tough problem with no restrictions on the hardware, applications, or cloud resources you use!

Projects will be scored based on their ability to solve a significant social or livelihood issue, as well as their ability to demonstrate successful problem solving, technological effectiveness, and economic scalability.

Eligibility - China-US Young Maker Competition

Individuals who satisfy any of the following criteria are eligible to enter the competition:

Individuals must have permanent residency in the United States of America in order to apply (including only the 50 States and D.C.).

Individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 40 in the province in which they live.

Full Rules - China-US Young Maker Competition

Overview of the Competition

The China-US Young Maker Competition (the "Competition") is a support operation for the China-US High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (the "Consultation") (now China-U.S. Social and Cultural Dialogue). By integrating creative design with cutting-edge technology, the Competition encourages makers to produce innovative goods focused on community building, education, environmental conservation, health & fitness, energy, transportation, and other fields of sustainable growth. Finalists from both the United States and China will participate in the final stage of the competition (online format). Competence in product design and computer engineering is needed for the competition. The Finalists will be chosen by regional screening processes in the United States and China. There will be two levels of the US Regional Competition. Contestants will submit their entries online in stage one, and semi-finalists will be chosen in stages two and three. The Finals (online format) will take place in the middle of August 2021, and the top ten individuals/teams will be recognised. The Contestant decides to abide by these Rules by competing in this Competition, and these Rules constitute an agreement between the Contestant and the Organizer, Co-organizer, and Released Parties.

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