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Everything About SB Serial Servo Motor

SB-Servo Motor Introduction

Learn More About SB Servo Motor

SB Servo Motor is an affordable, powerful & open-source digital servo motors for all the electronics needs. These motors are perfect to add movements to your projects.
SB Serial Servo Motor
Types of SB-Servo Motors
  1. SB-SS023- max torque of 2.3 Kg.cm helpful in lightweight robotic projects. Dimensions 23.2 x 12 x 25.5 mm.
  2. SB-SS15 - max torque of 15 Kg.cm with dimensions 40 x 20 x 40.5 mm is for heavier applications.

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The motors are only different in size otherwise every feature is common between the two.
Major Features
  1. Serial UART Control
  2. Supports Baud Rate up to 1MBps
  3. Angle Control 0-300 degree and 360 degrees Cyclic Rotation
  4. Wide Voltage Range(Doesn’t rotate at too low or too high voltage)
  5. Real-Time Position, Load, Temperature, Speed, and Voltage feedback
  6. High torque up to 15KG.cm
  7. Resolution 0.19 degrees
  8. Self Unloading Protection
  9. PID Tuning
  10. Metal Gears
  11. 2 Connection Port for Cascaded Connections
  12. Compatible for Raspberry Pi | Arduino | Windows | Mac | Linux
  13. Open Source.
Motor connection 
SB Serial Servos are easy to connect and use. Each servo motor is provided with a unique ID which is used to control and identify every motor. Also, you cascade servo motors with each other, at a time you can cascade up to 253 motors one after another. Cascading makes your work easy and also at the same time you can save many GPIO pins. It also saves from incorrect or messy motor connections. 
The motors have a number of applications which makes it a perfect choice for your electronics projects. Servo motors have dual operating modes. In the servo mode, it can rotate from 0 to 300 degrees while in motor mode with 360-degree rotation. Because of its compact and useful size, it can be used in walking robots and cars.
Tech Specifications
SB Serial Servo Technical Specification
The channels to which the motors are connected are half-duplex UART channels. The motors have 2 more connectors to cascade other motors one after the other.
In case you don’t have a half-duplex UART channel, we have made servo shields for making it compatible with all of your devices. These shields are provided proper power to your servos and ease the connections. We offer two shields-
  • Universal Servo Shield
  • Raspberry Pi Servo Shield
Universal Servo Shield
Raspberry Pi Servo Shield
The software used for changing parameters and testing processes developed on python.  
Open-Communication Protocol
Communication is done in the form of a serial communication Packet format. This is nothing but the set of instructions for a servo motor. These packets consist of orders for servo and these are aligned in a proper recognized manner. 
Open Communication Protocol
The SB Serial Servos are hardware-independent. We can operate these servos by any programming languages which can communicate with servos serially.
Operating System

Also, these servos belong to open source as our other products. You can find the open-source hardware and software on our website.


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