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Sensing Temperature With The BBC micro:bit

Sensing temperature with the micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is packed with sensors, and each one has its own video guide. They make a great learning tool for your students. Short animations explain concepts around inputs, processors and outputs in familiar contexts.

Our temperature sensing video explains:

  • what a sensor is
  • that temperature sensors are used in many homes
  • how thermostats work, taking and displaying temperature readings
  • how those readings are used to switch heating systems on and off
  • how they keep your home at a comfortable temperature
  • how the micro:bit's built-in temperature sensor works

The video and three temperature projects allow your students to build their own environmental sensing systems with the micro:bit:

  • Make a digital thermometer that shows the current temperature on the micro:bit's LED display
  • Record maximum and minimum temperatures over time
  • Create a thermometer that converts units from Celsius to Fahrenheit
Each project progresses your students through more advanced coding concepts and making greater use of the micro:bit's features. They make great starters for computer science, maths or science lessons or larger environmental projects.

How To Program micro:bit To Measure Your Environment Using its Built-In Sensors
Photo: CLASSROOM, Hong Kong

More productive coding lessons with micro:bit classroom

Our free coding tool micro:bit classroom is designed to make it easier to manage programming lessons, whether face-to-face, remote, or even a mixture of both.
  • Set up a lesson in seconds
  • Share code with your students
  • Capture every student's work with one click
  • Resume a whole-class coding session next lesson

BBC micro:bit Coding Lessons

Cleaning and safety tips

Our support site is packed with great ideas and tips. Check out this guide to keeping micro:bit's clean and safe when they're being handled in class.

Sanitising/Disinfecting The micro:bit


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