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Raspberry Pi HAT Review | Top Raspberry Pi HAT's 2021

 Raspberry Pi HAT & Shield let you expands the capability of Raspberry Pi and offers you to explore many creative stuffs with Raspberry Pi. 

In this Blog we'll discuss few amazing Raspberry Pi HAT's & Shield of 2021 from which you can create amazing projects and learn new creative ideas. Below are latest Raspberry PI HAT's & Shields for this year 2021.

Raspberry Pi HAT | RFID HAT

RFID HAT (£25 / $34) from SB Components, RFID for Raspberry Pi sounds amazing and of course it is. After hearing RFID several applications comes on our mind like Contactless payment system, ID badging, Access control, Sharing Documents, Photos and more wirelessly, Tracking stuffs and much more. This RFID HAT for Raspberry Pi is a great choice for electronic enthusiast for start learning and exploring RFID HAT in many other ways. 
RFID HAT for Raspberry Pi
RFID HAT for Raspberry Pi

After RFID HAT launched is been already liked by Raspberry Pi, The MagPi, Geeky Gadgets and also covered by us more. 

Raspberry Pi HAT | Air Monitoring HAT

Air Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi Launched on Kickstarter by Amrit Singh, a very unique Raspberry Pi HAT made for monitoring Air Pollution, PM (Particulate Matter) Monitoring, Track Air Quality of our surroundings and many other things. 
Air Monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi
Air Monitoring HAT

This Air Quality Monitoring HAT has a amazing PMSA003 Sensor that provide the information about the suspended PM (Particulate matter) (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10) and UART(serial) interface to communicate with Raspberry Pi. Know more about Air Monitoring HAT here
Live Air Quality check

Raspberry Pi HAT | PiRelay V2

Now all you thinking why Relay HAT its common, Yes it's true many Relay HAT already launched. This PiRelay V2 Relay Board for Raspberry Pi has a safety feature to prevent high voltage, Relay are used in many projects and many of you already loose your Raspberry Pi in making project with Relay by high voltage. Now this PiRelay V2 added safety feature so that now you don't have to loose your Raspberry Pi Board or any other Hardware. PiRelay has high-quality Relays with LED indication from which you can see which relay is being used.
PiRelay V2 Relay board for Raspberry Pi
PiRelay V2 | Relay Board for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi HAT | BreadPi - Multipurpose HAT

Another useful HAT for Raspberry Pi, While using breadboard with Raspberry Pi we have to use many wires and sometimes it become mess. With this BreadPi HAT you can use all the activity without wire directly by attaching this BreadPi HAT with Raspberry Pi and build there project easier.

BreadPi HAT Breadboard HAT for Raspberry Pi also has independently controllable LED's, Push buttons, programmable buzzer and four buffered 5V tolerant Inputs. 
Bread Board HAT for Raspberry Pi
BreaPi Bread board HAT for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi HAT | PiFinger

PiFinger is a Fingerprint HAT for Raspberry Pi Launched on Kickstarter that let you add security feature to any projects and PiFinger can store up to 24 fingerprints with Cortex-M23 TrustZone ,Capacitive Contact Technology, On Chip-Crypto Accelerator and more.
PiFinger Fingerprint HTA for Raspberry Pi
PiFinger Fingerprint HAT for Raspberry Pi

That's all for now, Please le me know which Raspberry Pi HAT you like most and which HAT should be in this list.


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